Movement Class – Partnering Technique into Improvisation

Do you want to expand your vocabulary and possibilities when dancing with others?
You want to move beyond the ground and start to find more moments of fluid levitation?
Explore the essence of partnering technique to integrate it effortlessly into your movement practice.

Part I
In the warm up we will already start understanding how to use our body weight in different ways. You will become comfortable with the other people in the space and prepare your body to be stable and agile.
Part II
Technical exercises to practice partnering principles: sharing weight, giving direction and moving from the center. We are focusing on lifts without using only muscle power but rather want to understand the mechanics of the body
Part III
Improvisational play using the techniques to discover new materials. You will have time to explore in your own time with a few different people at the end of each session. In this part your body gets time to implement the technical.

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Musikrichtung: Tanz, Bewegung
Instrumente: der eigene Körper
  • Freitag
    16:30 – 18:00
    Alle Niveaus

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